ASAAP: As South African As Possible

Do you know how hard is to write about something which extremely seizes you?
Can you guess how risky could that be if that’s your first blog post?

But once you dare you must do it. And there is no single doubt the first thing which provokes you to create a blog is well worth to share about.

Cape Town. Mother City. That’s a temptation.

Two years ago when my girlfriend came back from her first trip to South Africa I didn’t believe she would repeat it and her obsession would become mine or mutual. But now after two weeks in Cape Town and another one week to the East coast I know I belong to that place.

Everything started with the beginning of my sabbatical period and the need of changing the environment. 2016 was knocking on the door when we realized we should undertake something memorable which will really mean a “factory reset” for our brains. As the signs were too many we dove into a trip to Cape Town. And to be honest that seemed to be the best we could do at that stage of our life.

Travelling is what makes you a better person. But travelling is also the way to meet a better person. And beyond all my expectation almost everyone we met in South Africa was that one. The customs officer, the Uber driver, the Airbnb host, the rich guy, the poor guy, just everybody. Back to my home Bulgaria now I am constantly asking myself isn’t it really so hard to be a human towards humans. Thank you to all my friends who try to keep it the positive way no matter what.

Talking about the people, we were lucky enough to have the best hosts in Cape Town. The B.I.G Backpackers in Green Point is not only the Top in South Africa but also “Best Hostel in Africa” in the 2016 Hoscars. I would say these guys deserve even more than that. We never regret we planned our whole stay in town according to their availabilities for the period and we really felt at home. You are strong guys! You, your awesome place and your honesty bar just rulez!

Mother City offers something for everyone. I know it sounds as a cliche but it’s just the truth. You can do plenty of city walks and some of them are free guided, e.g. the Bo-Kaap tour in one of the most symbolic districts. And if you are lucky enough as we were you can even have a Cape Malay guy as a tour guide who really knows everything about his own culture there.


The city sounds crazy and sightseeing a bit too much!?! Then you can just head to the Table Mountain. Grab an Uber to reach the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and take the longest hike through Skeleton Gorge and Maclear’s Beacon up to the upper cable car station. Bring your camera as this is Cape Town from above best view.

Table Mountain view towards Cape Town

If you feel romantic and lucky enough to be in Cape Town around fool moon you can make “the baby hike” to the Lion’s Head for the sunset and stay until the moon rise. I don’t know what kind of babies are the South-African but they should be really fit for that steepy short walk. And well, be prepared as you’ll be stacked on your way back cause of all the excited folks getting down in the night from the mountain.

So that was the way Mother City welcomed us for my first trip outside of Europe. And this was just the beginning of our ASAAP journey – as South African as possible.

I hope it will keep my inspiration to go further with writing.

photo credits: Polina Ilieva Photography


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