Chapman’s Peak, Simon’s Town and Muizenberg

Almost 2 days after the first exciting sights of Cape Town, we were back on the road for a short cruise around. Still in the area, the number of places we wanted to see was only manageable by car, so we headed to a local car rental where we had our vehicle already booked. Psychologically not prepared for driving on the “wrong side”of the road, I was pretty curious what kind of car we’ll get but believe me the size doesn’t matter when you’ve just never driven on the left side. Funny three days out of the city they were having in mind the traffic fact and the roundabouts too. But the good things never come alone.

Our idea was to drive towards one of the most scenic roads in that area called Chapman’s Peak Drive. I am not sure though, there is a man in this world who could just drive there. We were counting the viewpoints with the hope we could take a better photo than the previous one.


Lucky enough we had a good companion for the day, a couple from Scotland, roommates from the hostel who were so nice to take some pictures of us too and guide me through the “wrong traffic” roundabouts.


Right around the end of Chapman’s Peak drive there is a huge beach called Noordhoek. Popular for the horse rides on its beautiful sands but still so wild and pristine, this is probably the largest beach I’ve seen in my life and believe me I have some experience with these sandy areas. Noordhoek was fascinating from above when we were still on the main road but when you step on its sand, you feel the power of the ocean and the scale of its size.


So massive and in the same time so appealing. Absolutely understandable why it’s commonly used for horse riding. That’s a great way you can feel its vibrations, the power of the wind or just remain alone, only with yourself.

After crossing Chapman’s Peak Dr, we left this side of the peninsula to reach Boulders Beach. That sandy beach is pretty famous with its free roaming colony of African penguins which makes it a bit busy place, especially if you have the luck to meet a group of Chinese tourists there. We were pretty happy that penguins didn’t feel bothered by the fact as we did, so tourists were only too many for us – the other tourists not by all means.


As the day started pretty early we were more than motivated to reach the best place for lunch as soon as possible. Together with our friends from Scotland we absolutely agree on the fish&chips closest places in Simon’s Town. And as the day was lucky enough for us, we chose the best among them – The Salty Sea Dog. I don’t think we ate a better fish&chips during our whole stay in South Africa as the one here. So simple and delicious place.

After the late lunch our friends had to catch the train from Simon’s Town back to Cape Town, and we continued our journey to the surfer’s paradise of the area – Muizenberg. We headed straight to our Airbnb apartment, just to be sure we do it on time and the rest few hours were just around surf culture, local people, beach sceneries, surf shops. I really enjoyed the time in this small town. I found my dream cafe-bar-shop here – Rolling Wood and I could stay there forever drinking their great coffee, eating their natural deserts, reading surf magazines and talking with the locals.


We met really awesome people there. From the bar owner through occasional visitors to the old local whale watching guy who was so social that we couldn’t believe it.

The next day started as promising as the previous one but much earlier than those lazy days when on an usual holiday. We had to catch the dawn light on the very beach. Freezingly alone on the sand we were waiting for the slight sun kisses coming up. And as sun and kisses always do, it was worth. The moment you feel this first sunshine is really cheerful and magically warm.


But with the early wake-up come naturally the early need of coffee, so we were the first in the Rolling Wood again craving for the caffeine and some cookies. The staff instead was almost like trained to light the flame in the eyes of non-locals: “Did you see the dolphins this morning? There was also a shark in the water but really small”. We didn’t lose much time in the cafe anymore. We needed to jump into the car and drive towards the coast. The direction was already set – destination Cape of Good Hope.

photo credits: Polina Ilieva Photography




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