Everyone is travelling throughout their life. There are some people who do travel in their emotions and dreams without physically moving, some discover the untouched and unknown through going far away from their homes and some who look for the emotions in every trip they make – even a next door one. No matter how you step into your journey I call each one of your experiences a “trip session”.

A tripsesh is your yesterday evening craft beer tasting with friends, my best road trip to Europe, the injured stray dog, me and my girlfriend saved, who became our best friend, and the second dog too, my first overseas sabbatical travel, the first wave caught while surfing in the ocean, my girlfriend’s first wedding photo session as a professional photographer, my best friends new running records … so many things can happen during one’s journey through life.

That is what Tripsesh travel blog is all about – making every moment a session to be remembered or travelling around the world of experiences. A blog which was inspired by my first overseas trip but also by what’s happening around me every day as there are so many stories to be shared.

Who writes in Tripsesh: My name is Dimitar but most of my friends know me as Frank. I was born and raised on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, so I’ve been always conscious of the seaside culture, even though residing far away in the last 15 years. I love travelling since a child as I was moving from town to town for my education and geography has always been a great part of my interests. Based in the city now (Sofia, Bulgaria), occupied in the marketing industry, some years ago I started feeling the need to reconnect with the sea, so I became a volunteer in Surfrider Foundation Europe and established a local chapter to protect the ocean, waves and beaches.

Who shoot in Tripsesh: Her name is Polina and she is my partner in crime. She has studied tourism in the same university as me and found her passion for travelling during that period. She always had the eye for details and photography but she dared to go deep into when she realized working in advertising agencies is not her fortune. After her last job in the industry she did solo travel in South Africa where she brought me two years later to. This country became a life switcher for her (hopefully for me too), and when she returned she was already sure about her direction – emotional photography. Nowadays you could find her shooting mostly weddings but also other nice events under Polina Ilieva Photography doing her best in becoming a destination wedding photographer.